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Chuck McDowell & Team Help People Overcome Timeshare Obstacles

What is it about the people who see us through our bad times? There is something special about them. We lean on our family and friends to get us through troubling times, but sometimes we need professionals. If you have been duped in a timeshare, you are probably looking for someone who can help you with that burden. You need professionals who can help you overcome your obstacles. You need professionals who can see you through your rough patch. At Wesley Financial Group, Chuck McDowell and our entire team help get people get through bad times. Everyone does their utmost at Wesley Financial Group. Chuck McDowell, our President & CEO, is a leader that encourages the utmost out of everyone.

Timeshare obstacles can truly throw you through a loop. It can feel like it takes forever to figure out how to get out of a timeshare scam, especially if you are trying to do it on your own. Luckily, at Wesley Financial Group, Chuck McDowell and our entire team will do everything to get you back on the right track. It may seem like an impossible feat, but it is possible. Since 1989, Wesley Financial Group has been a leader in the timeshare advocacy industry. It is undisputed that we have an astounding 100% proven success rate. That means that we have been successfully helping families and individuals overcome timeshare scams.

Don’t think that your case is a lost cause. You may be overwhelmed by everything that happened to you during your timeshare ordeal. Turns out science has found that there is a possibility that emotional experiences can have a lasting effect. Perhaps that is why you may find it hard to deal with timeshare fraud. Nevertheless, in an article published on webmd.com, we can observe how emotional experiences can have a lasting effect on all of us.

Overwhelmed by Emotion

 Wesley Financial Group - Overwhelming EmotionThe article expounds upon the idea that emotional experiences do have a lasting effect. “Experiences that tug at our feelings create emotional “hangovers” that affect future events and make them easier to remember. “How we remember events is not just a consequence of the external world we experience but is also strongly influenced by our internal states. And these internal states can persist and color future experiences,” said study senior author Lila Davachi. She is an associate professor at New York University’s Department of Psychology and Center for Neural Science.” (Dotinga, 2016).

The article continues by exploring a study that was conducted on emotional experiences. “For the study, researchers assigned participants to look at a series of images. One group was first shown images that aroused emotion, and then neutral ones. The other group looked first at neutral images, then at the emotional ones. Six hours later, the participants were tested to see how well they recalled what they had seen. People who were exposed first to images that provoked emotion had sharper recall of the neutral images than those who saw neutral images first, the study found. Brain scans suggest this is because the emotion-provoking images primed their brains to remember things more effectively.” We see that memory for non-emotional experiences is better if they are encountered after an emotional event,” Davachi said in a university news release.” (Dotinga, 2016). We have all had experiences that can leave an imprint on our mind. If you’ve been duped in a timeshare, you may play a loop again and again in your mind when you think about it. It may have become difficult to think about due to the emotional baggage that may be attached to it. That doesn’t mean that you should shy away from doing something about your timeshare problems. As a matter of fact, once you contact Wesley Financial Group, Chuck McDowell and our entire team will do the utmost to help you overcome your timeshare problem.

As observed in the study, “” These findings make clear that our cognition [thinking] is highly influenced by preceding experiences and, specifically, that emotional brain states can persist for long periods of time,” she concluded. The study was published Dec. 26 in the journal Nature Neuroscience.” (Dotinga, 2016). If you’ve been the victim of timeshare fraud, you may find the thought of it brings up strong emotions that are hard to shake. At Wesley Financial Group, Chuck McDowell and our entire team will deal with your timeshare issues once you reach out to us. You don’t have to do any of the work yourself.

Watch the Sun Set on Your Timeshare Problems

Wesley Financial Group - Watch the Sun Set By contacting Wesley Financial Group, Chuck McDowell and our entire team can help you watch the sun set on your timeshare problems. You don’t have to worry any longer. Whether you are trying to cancel your timeshare or reduce your level of ownership, our offices can help you. Since 1989, we have been fighting timeshare scams. Wesley Financial Group, (Chuck McDowell and our entire team), do their best to fight against timeshare fraud. Whether it was high pressures sales tactics combined with lies or just plain lies, we understand that it can take an emotional toll if you have been scammed in a timeshare. But you don’t have to fight timeshare fraud alone.

Once you contact our offices, you will be put in touch with one of our team members. Let them know the details of what you experienced when you were scammed. If it seems like it is an impossible mountain to climb, remember that you are not climbing the mountain alone. Wesley Financial Group has all the equipment you need, and we will do the climbing for you. Once you reach out to us and let us know your timeshare scam story, we can begin working towards finding a solution for you. If we don’t think that we can successfully help you, then we will let you know. We never lead customers on, unlike certain deceitful timeshare companies and their sales representatives.

Let us help you overcome your timeshare obstacles. They may seem insurmountable to you, but with the help of Wesley Financial they are not. Don’t wait another day to contact our offices. Once you’ve reached out to us we can begin to help you. A member of our team can walk you the process, and let you know what you should expect. Don’t worry about whether or not we can help you with your particular set of facts. Since 1989, we have seen a lot of different stories, and it is very likely that we have heard a story just like yours. Remember, we don’t have a 100% proven success rate for nothing. We pride ourselves in what we do. If you or someone you know is the victim of timeshare fraud, you don’t have to fight your timeshare scam alone.  We will gladly help you overcome your timeshare obstacles. That is why we have been in business since 1989. We want to see people overcome timeshare fraud and enjoy the important things in life. Don’t hesitate, contact our offices today for more information.

Dotinga, Randy, (December 26, 2016). ‘Emotional Hangover’ Is Real.