If you look up the terms “Wesley Financial Group, lawsuit,” you will likely hear about our very own Chuck McDowell. As President & CEO of Wesley Financial Group, Chuck McDowell was threatened with a lawsuit by one of the bigger timeshare companies. This happened because Chuck McDowell wanted to help people who were being taken advantage of by timeshare companies. In the end, Chuck McDowell came out winning, and rightfully so. Today, Chuck McDowell remains a hero that we look up to at Wesley Financial Group.

Heroes in the Timeshare Cancellation Industry

Wesley Financial Group lawsuit slayers can help you with your timeshare debacle.

Heroes are people that we all look up to. Although we may think of Marvel Comics or Superman when we think of heroes, usually heroes look quite different. More often than not, heroes don’t usually wear red capes. Heroes come from various places in our lives. When we think of heroes, we usually think of being saved by a hero. One of our heroes is Chuck McDowell, President & CEO of Wesley Financial Group. Lawsuit threats or otherwise, he hasn’t backed down from doing what is right. Chuck McDowell continues to inspire us all to be heroic at Wesley Financial Group. Lawsuit threat or otherwise, we won’t stop helping people who have been victimized by timeshare fraud. Big timeshare companies may try to scare us, but we know that we are doing what is right.

In an article written by Bob Edelstein, L.M.F.T.,M.F.T., Edelstein discusses ways to be heroic in our everyday lives. If you are the victim of timeshare fraud, all is not lost. You may be searching for a hero to save you from your timeshare problems. While Wesley Financial Group can be the hero you’ve been looking for, you can also find the inner-hero within you. Let’s see what Edelstein suggests.

Finding Your Inner Hero

Edelstein begins, “Life, by its very nature, is challenging. Unfortunately, in our shame-based culture, we often receive the message that we should simply be able to get over all challenges and get on with life. If we don’t do this, there must be something wrong with us, we’re told—and we inevitably feel bad about ourselves. Pain, suffering, and tragedy are all aspects of life. This shouldn’t be denied. Life includes random events we can’t anticipate. The unknown is always present. There are no guarantees. Given this reality, living is a journey of heroism. I don’t mean emulating the perfect hero or heroine in a blockbuster movie or the protagonist in a video game. Just facing the challenges that life gives you is heroic. Jean-Paul Sartre stated, ‘life begins on the other side of despair.’ I believe he was recognizing the inherent challenges and difficulties of being human. Moving through these inherent challenges and difficulties is part of life’s heroic journey. To move through them, we need to value what taking this journey requires.” (Edelstein, 2014).

How many victims of timeshare fraud can attest to the randomness of falling into the timeshare fraud trap? If you were taken for a ride by a timeshare company, it is very likely that you didn’t anticipate it. If you are having difficulty dealing with the aftermath of timeshare fraud, it is completely normal. There’s nothing wrong with you. Reach out to Wesley Financial Group for help. We can speak with you about your options. We can be your hero in times of timeshare fraud stress, and we will encourage you to be your own hero as well. In the following section, Edelstein gives some ideas on what it means to be heroic.

“Not Tearing Yourself Down”

Wesley Financial Group lawsuit experience can help you reverse a bad timeshare decision.

Edelstein’s recommendation is extremely important. If you were duped into a timeshare, you can’t blame yourself for what happened. Edelstein states, “It’s appreciating that life isn’t always smooth and easy, and acknowledging yourself for showing up. Realize that you are here, doing what you can, the best that you can, at this moment.” (Edelstein, 2014).

“Embracing your Vulnerability”

This next recommendation by Edelstein can be difficult for many people. It’s hard to “embrace vulnerability.” Edelstein reminds us, “By exploring your vulnerability, you can be open to the solutions that arise from it. This is the antidote to shaming yourself when you are vulnerable and feel you should not be.” (Edelstein, 2014). If you are the victim of timeshare fraud, reach out to Wesley Financial Group for help.

“Taking Some Risks in your Life”

If you don’t take the time to reach out to Wesley Financial Group for help, you won’t know what we can do for you. Why not give us a call? Edelstein continues, “…with the understanding that you don’t know for certain what will be set in motion. You can feel good that you took the risk, even if it may not turn out exactly the way you imagined.” (Edelstein, 2014).

“Forgiving Yourself”

Edelstein states, “Forgiving yourself for missteps that you make, and learning from them so you don’t have to repeat them. And, if you do repeat them, forgiving yourself again and continuing to learn.” (Edelstein, 2014). It can’t be helped that you were duped by a timeshare company. You shouldn’t beat yourself up about it. It’s not your fault. Nevertheless, some people still feel guilty for falling for timeshare fraudsters. If you are one of those people, forgive yourself. You shouldn’t feel guilty in the first place. However, if it makes you feel better, forgive yourself. You didn’t expect to be taken advantage of, but it happened. The most important thing is recognizing that there is something that can be done about, and you are not to blame for what happened.

“Cultivating an Attitude of Compassion Towards Yourself”

Wesley Financial Group is here to help you.

You are not responsible for falling into a timeshare fraud trap. Edelstein eloquently reminds us, “By cultivating this attitude, you no longer suffocate yourself through shame. A positive moment in your life or a clear direction for your next step can then emerge. By being present with the challenges of life and remembering that heroism exists in daily living, you can move into the depth of who you are. From that depth, you can engage with your life’s challenges in a full and vital way.” (Edelstein, 2014). With all of Edelstein’s recommendations, find the inner-hero within.

Wesley Financial Group: Lawsuit Threats or Otherwise, We Continue To Do What is Right

We can help you overcome timeshare fraud at Wesley Financial Group. Lawsuit or otherwise won’t frighten us from doing what is right for those who have been taken for a ride by unscrupulous timeshare companies. If you or someone you know is the victim of timeshare fraud, you don’t have to fight it alone. Reach out to us at Wesley Financial. Lawsuit threat or otherwise, our leader Chuck McDowell continues to fight for the rights of victims of timeshare fraud. He leads by example and inspires us to do the same. Until timeshare fraud disappears, we will continue the fight at Wesley Financial Group. Lawsuit threat or otherwise won’t stop us from continually helping victims of timeshare fraud. Let us be the hero that beats timeshare fraud for you!

Edelstein, L.M.F.T., M.F.T., Bob. (December 10, 2014). 5 Ways You Can Be Heroic Every Day.