Chuck McDowell: The Successful Leader of Wesley Financial Group

Edith Wharton said, “There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.” Leaders spread that light. Leaders like Chuck McDowell, President & CEO of Wesley Financial Group, spread the light within their company. In turn, Wesley Financial Group continues to spread the light to victims of timeshare fraud. What makes a person a leader who does such great things? How do great leaders keep striving forward? When we look at babies, we hope for the best. We see the absolute beauty in them and have high hopes for them as adults. We may dream of the future for the young people we know. We are still dreaming of possibilities and our own future throughout our lives. We look at leaders like Chuck McDowell and are encouraged by their fortitude and resilience.  How are such leaders created?

How Good Leaders Are Made

Wesley Financial Group - Good LeadersHow are good leaders made? What about our President & CEO Chuck McDowell? In a paper published in the Ivey Business Journal, Gerard Seijts, Professor of Organizational Behavior, discusses the results he found after interviewing 30 leaders for his book Good Leaders Learn. In his article he states, “Are leaders born or made?  That never-ending debate is central to this paper.  But the purpose here is not to take sides since the clear answer is “Both.”  There is no question that some remarkable people enter the world with the confidence it takes to make difficult decisions along with a desire to lead and the natural ability to attract followers.  Other leaders are nurtured, including many that succeed despite being thrust, often reluctantly, into leadership roles.  Leaders from both camps, however, have been known to excel and fail to live up to their potential. So, the question that really matters is: “How do good leaders learn to lead?”” (Seijts, 2013). Our own Chuck McDowell continues to successfully lead Wesley Financial Group so that we can help people get out of being duped by a timeshare.

So, what is it that makes good leaders like Chuck McDowell continue to push forward and succeed? Seijts has an answer:”…good leaders are really the product of a never-ending process of skill and character development.  Indeed, after spending the last year working on a book project called Good Leaders Learn, I am now more convinced than ever that good leaders develop through constant learning about their personalities, relationships and careers, not to mention the kind of leader they want to become.  And although there are no silver bullets for becoming a good leader– because everyone takes a custom-made path — the journeys of the leaders I interviewed share several elements that can help management educators and organizations develop the world’s next generation of good business leaders while assisting the existing supply to become even better at their jobs.” (Seijts, 2013).

Secrets of Good Leaders

Seijts discusses the secrets he discovered while interviewing so many leaders for his book. They may not even be secrets, but truths that are available for everyone to learn from. “For Good Leaders Learn, I interviewed 30-plus leaders, at various stages of their careers, from different industries, sectors and countries.  The conversations revealed ten clear pathways for learning to lead:

  • Performing, or excelling in a role;
  • Risking, or taking chances to lead and to learn;
  • Stretching, or going beyond one’s own personal comfort zone;
  • Learning, or taking the time to reflect on past events to discern the lessons they offer;
  • Self-awareness, or deliberately seeking to know one’s personal strengths and weaknesses;
  • Trusting, or relying on one’s abilities and those of others to build a reputation for being trustworthy;
  • Adapting, or the ability to act appropriately in different situations;
  • Mentoring, or learning from other leaders and role models how to develop as a leader;
  • Observing, or watching others and oneself to better understand events and situations;
  • Integrating, or having the capacity to see and understand the “big picture.””(Seijts, 2013).

In all of these pathways, we can see how Chuck McDowell has created a path of great leadership. For instance, when Chuck risked fighting one of the largest timeshare companies because he knew it was right to take a stand, we see how this fits with Seijts’ pathway of “risking or taking changes to lead and learn”. This is just one example taken from the list that exemplifies how Chuck McDowell continues to terrifically lead Wesley Financial Group.

Seijts interestingly notes, “Every leader I met was driven to produce results.  They relished taking calculated risks and pushing beyond their comfort zones.  Mistakes in this crowd are seen as opportunities to learn by people well aware of their strengths and weakness.  The leaders I met value trust.  They are prepared to adapt in “one size does not fit all” situations.  In order to develop,Wesley Financial Group - Leaders Make Plans they seek out mentors and constantly learn by observing others.  They look at an entire organization, seeking to understand how the parts fit together as well as how the sum of all the parts fits in the world.” (Seijts, 2013). At Wesley Financial Group, Chuck McDowell leads by example. He does what he can so that we can help those who have been duped by the timeshare industry. Whether you have been tricked into upgrading your level of ownership or purchasing a timeshare, Wesley Financial Group can help you. Our company understands, like our President & CEO Chuck McDowell does, that “one size does not fit all”. Your story will be unique, just like our leader’s.

With our own leader, Chuck McDowell, he continues to put others first. By walking away from the timeshare industry to join forces with the timeshare advocacy industry, Chuck McDowell exemplified his desire to put others first. This aligns with Seijts’ discovery. “Instead of dreaming of corner offices with private bathrooms, the leaders I met were initially driven by a desire to make a positive impact as an individual or team member.  Formal leadership roles sparked the desire to excel as an organizational head, but also reinforced the willingness to collaborate and trust the judgement of others. That’s a key lesson.” (Seijts, 2013).

Wesley Financial Group’s Chuck McDowell

Chuck McDowell continues to successfully lead Wesley Financial Group. As a result, we have been able to help many families and individuals beat timeshare fraud. You have a right to be freed from your timeshare problems when you’ve been duped by a timeshare company. Since 1989, Wesley Financial Group has been helping individuals overcome their timeshare problems. Whether you need to reduce your level of ownership or cancel your timeshare, Wesley Financial can help you.

As Seijts article shows, it takes a lot to be a leader. Chuck McDowell has used the experiences throughout his life and the new challenges that come today to make a greater future for the timeshare advocacy industry. Hopefully, one day timeshare fraud will disappear, but until then Chuck McDowell is leading the fight. Chuck McDowell is an example of what Seijts’ states is necessary for a good leadership. At Wesley Financial Group, we pride ourselves in knowing that our President & CEO, Chuck McDowell, will continue to be a guiding light for us. In return, we can be a guiding light for victims of timeshare fraud.

Seijts, Gerard. (July 2013). Good leaders never stop learning.